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Every Human Being is a Treasure- In a Need of Discovery

Parsa Peykar, being the founder and president of Inter-Are Triangle© (IAT), has a vision of turning one's potential into a life of purpose through the IAT formula. Believing that every human being is a treasure, Inter-Are Triangle©  (IAT) is built to provide a system that can develop one's vision, setting right goals and bring out the uniqueness of every individual.

Inter-Are Triangle©  has been taught and applied at Los Angeles County Jail, Pepperdine University and individuals from diverse background in art, fashion, sports, etc. as a coaching tool and program to help individuals find and maximize their potential.

With having a bachelor from UCLA and in the process of becoming a license clinician from Pepperdine University in Psychology, Parsa is a published author of Freedom in the Cage, Scream of Silence and The Bird from the Kingdom of Heaven Books. Peykar is also the founder and president of Freedom in the Cage Foundation; a program developed for inmates across the jails and prisons in United States to bring healing, inspiration and empowerment through art therapy, leadership coaching and talent development.


Certifications & Education

  • PhD in Organizational & Industrial Psychology 2024

  • Master of Art in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University

  • Certified Coach by John Maxwell Team

  • Certified Coach by Top Leaders

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