Can You Clap with One Hand?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Once lived a sage who lived in the midst of a very sinful town. They were a lot of harlots in the city who would come to the sage to talk and he would accept them with an open arm and listen to their concerns. The men of the town where prideful and selfish in every way— to them women were simply not equal and meant to fulfill only their needs. Once a man came up to the sage, complaining about the harlots of the town, “ Don’t you see holy man? They are all over the town; it is shameful to even call them human”. The sage was not surprised neither did he have any reactions, “ Can you clap with one hand?” The sage asked the man. The man started to think and didn’t find an answer. “ Harlots exist because of men like you— they are being provided and used by men who have no sense of value for themselves neither for them.You can never clap with one hand as for their sins are also upon you and all the men of this town’s shoulders.” The man didn’t say a word anymore—neither did he try to argue with the sage. He looked at all the harlots who would come to the sage, share bread and laugh for some minute. He saw how he gave all his attention and left no room for judgement. “ In the presence of the sage, harlots become holy women” The man thought; "After all it is impossible to clap with one hand". He answered the sage's question in his heart.

Written & Copyright by Parsa Peykar

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