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Inter-Are Triangle Of Life

In his book, The Measure of a Man, Late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Life is like a triangle; on one side is you, on the other is your neighbor while on top is God which is at the core of all of our relationships”. I came to a conclusion, that our most important relationship starts with God and greatest knowledge we can ever gain in our human experience is in the knowledge of our Source. There are three important points to realize why this is true:

  1. Made in God’s image and likeness means the more you know God, the more you know yourself

  2. God is the source of wisdom and knowledge because He Himself is Knowledge and Wisdom

  3. God is omnipotent; meaning He is all potential- all the creative thoughts are in the mind of God- ready to be released by His Spirit

Our life's fulfillment depends on the way we love our Creator and others made in His image and likeness. That is why Jesus summed up two of God's greatest commandments out of the six hundred and thirteen laws of Torah in first loving God with all of our heart, soul and spirit and second, to love our neighbor as ourselves. Looking at this deeper, we see there are three related laws in these two commandments:

1- The greatest commandment of God is to love. By first loving God, we are able to love ourselves and others.

2- When we love God, we automatically love others and ourselves. God's love is a like a mirror that reflects our love for ourselves and others. Loving others as ourselves means we love people to the degree we are able to love ourselves.

3-Loving others reflects our love for God; we can't say we love God and hate people.

In our every day life, The good question to ask ourselves is " Am I loving God?" Then we see how everything else in the Inter-Are Triangle of Life sets in its own place and order.

Written & Copyright by Parsa Peykar

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