The Cursed Circle

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

With their heads down, the midgets would go from one way to another in a circle and all in vain; a circle that was set and defined for them before even they were born… The midgets would raise their heads every now and then but all they could see was a short distance with their eyes and again, they would put their heads down and go on their own ways.

All their efforts were just to get to the gold coin which was placed in the middle of the circle… The coin was the ultimate dream for every midget and with their eyes fully focused on the coin, it kept them away from knowing the dangerous cliff that was placed around them- Waiting to take away their lives. If they only kept their heads up for a period time, they would see a bigger vision and another place which was a jump away from where they lived and it was in that vision, that existed a new life.

Many times the midgets would fall into the pit around them or the cliff that was right next to the circle and nobody would hear their voice because every midget had their heads down and nobody really wanted to see how other midgets were doing and the moment one only thinks about himself, sooner or later he experiences death.

The other circle wasn’t far away but it seems like a joyous place…It seems as if everything was in order and alive but it wasn’t a place for a captive midget who has got used to the circle that only had limitations because one who is a captive, makes every place he goes to into captivity and creates cages for himself and those around him.

Therefor, there was no other way for midgets to experience the other side but to change and change is the only constant law in the creation who either transforms or brings death to the lives of midgets… Guided by the light, one midget dared to walk with his heads up and counted his steps and became close to the cliff.. He neither had that much power of his own or a great height… “ One step to the back or one jump to the other side to another life; chained or change” The midget thought to himself

There was no more the gold coin, neither the old circle… Now he had changed and nothing seems ever the same for a person who has tasted the new life.

Written & Copyright By Parsa Peykar

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