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The Eight Cow Wife

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

There is a story about a rich, well-known businessman named Johnny Lingo who was looking for a wife in the Kiniwata Island. The majority of people were poor and the custom of the island in those days for marriage, was man’s offering cows to the family of the woman. Most women in the island went for one or two cows but the record for the best woman out there was four.

There was a father in the island named Mocco who was an evil man and had a daughter named Mahalla who he would abuse constantly, both verbally and emotionally. Mahalla was not an attractive girl- her posture was poor, her hair was always messy and Mocco was hoping someone would just come along and ask Mahalla for just one cow.

Once someone knocked on Mocco’s door and it was Johnny Lingo. Mocco was surprised by his visit and asked “ Why are you here?” , “ I am here to propose Mahalla from you and I am willing to offer eight cows.” Johnny Lingo said. “ Eight cows? You are joking” Mocco was shocked. Johnny responded “ No- I have all of them here outside with me- come take a look.” That day Johnny took Mahalla’s hand to his beautiful house in the island and Mocco received eight cows.

Few years later, this act of Johnny still bothered Mocco as he didn’t understand why he was so generous with his offer, One day he decided to make a visit to Johnny's house to find out. When Mocco knocked on the door, a beautiful , good looking woman with a radiant face, long black hair and a nice white dress opened the door and with the smile on her face, she said “ Hello Dad”. Mocco couldn’t believe his eyes and asked in wonder, “ Mahalla?” As she called her, Johnny came by the door and welcomed Mocco in.

Mocco was wondering what has happened to her daughter and about Johnny’s eight cows offer, “ Tell me- me and you both know you could have gotten Mahalla for one cow and this has bothered me for these past few years- I want you to tell me why you paid eight cows for the woman you can only get with just one?” Johnny looked at Mocco and said, “ It is very simple- I have always wanted an eight cow wife.” Mocco said “ That is it?” Johnny nodded his head. Mocco went home.

Johnny told people in the island that he wanted Mahalla to wake up everyday feeling she is the most valuable woman in the island and his purpose in life is to nourish her daily to

become the woman she was created to be.

The Importance of Man’s Fatherhood

Your partner is the greatest assignment and treasure that you have received from God and as a man, you are responsible to partner with God to bring out her fullest potential. The story best reflects the importance of fatherhood in so many ways- but lets dig deeper and see why it is so important as a man to learn the principle of fatherhood and grow in that identity as a man:

1- The ultimate destiny of every man is to grow in the image of God and His fatherhood nature: Even though Mocco was the father of Mahalla, he was not a real father while Johnny reflected a true image of father. As a man, this should be our number one goal. God’s ultimate plan for every boy is to become a man, a man to become a father and be His representative on earth. The word Father in its original meaning in Hebrew is "Abba" ; meaning source, sustainer and provider. As a man, part of following God, is to learn His fatherhood nature and apply it in our lives.

2- Fatherhood has a direct effect in society’s well-being: Under Johnny’s influence and leadership, Mahalla flourished while when she was under Mocco’s roof, she would have never achieved anything in life. Throughout my visits to the Jail, the most common issue that comes up in many inmate’s lives is the lack of a good father figure in their lives. Since God created Adam first and from Adam, built Eve and family’s structure- the man is the ultimate responsible person in the well being of his family and in result society.

3- Lack of Fatherhood in a man results in a poor leadership: Mocco’s leadership and attitude toward his daughter, made Mahalla into a woman she was not while Johnny servant leadership attitude made her shine. When Jesus wanted to select His disciples, He chose twelve men. The main reason? He knew where the problem was and the fall of man was the result of irresponsibility of Adam so He went straight to the foundation, man. As men get their leadership right, women follow naturally. In the Book of Luke we see how this principle is true, “  After this, Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve were with him, and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases...These women were helping to support them out of their own means.” ( Luke 8:1-3) Women desire to be led by a loving, caring and selfless man- when these women saw the leadership of Jesus, they were willing to help, support and follow His vision and ministry. When you learn fatherhood principles and apply them in your life, you get support from your woman in your vision and goals.

4- Your partner reflects your character as you become in the image and likeness of the God you follow: Mocco or Johnny Lingo, you decide what kind of man you become and how your Mahalla or partner will look like. If you are mad all the time, you woman and house will reflect that. When you are a nourisher and loving, your partner will flourish and your house will be heaven. Your character and leadership determines what kind of family you will have. Regarding this principle, Paul gives this revelation in the letter to Corinthians, “ For man is the glory of God but woman is the glory of man.” ( I Corinthians 11:7) Woman becomes like the man she choses and man becomes like a God he follows. This is why as a father, your relationship with God is so important and before anything, God gave His presence to Adam in order to fulfill his assignment on earth.

Written&Copyright by Parsa Peykar

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