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The Key to Greatness

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The desire to be successful and the seed of greatness is in every human being. From

all walks of life, Every human shares the commonality of wanting to feel important and seen. But what is the key to greatness? I believe greatness is not something we pursue, but it is what we reach by the person we become in the service of others. Dr.Viktor Frankl, a neurologist and psychiatrist who survived the Holocaust Camp and the author of well-known book titled The man search for meaning sums up the perfect definition of service, “ The more one forgets himself- by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love- the more human he is and the more he actualizes himself.Self-actualization is possible only as a side-effect of self-transcendence.”

There is a story of a sage who had a conversation with the Lord about Heaven and

Hell. “ I will show you Hell,” said the Lord, and led the sage into a room containing a group of famished, desperate people sitting around a large, circular table. In the center of the table

rested an enormous pot of stew, more than enough for everyone. The smell of the stew was

delicious mouth water. Yet no one ate. Each diner at the table held a very long-handled

spoon; long enough to reach the pot and scoop up a spoonful of stew, but too long to get the food into one's mouth. The sage saw that their suffering was indeed terrible and bowed his head in compassion. “ Now I will show you Heaven,” said the Lord, and they entered room, identical to the first; same large, round table, same enormous pot of stew, same long-handled spoons. Yet there was a satisfaction in the room; everyone appeared well nourished and taken care of. The sage couldn't understand and looked to the Lord. “It is simple,” said the Lord, “but it requires a certain skill. You see, the people in the room have learned to feed and serve each other.”

Like everything else in life which has a cause and effect relationship, greatness is the

direct result of service to others. In another word, we can't expect a life and legacy of

greatness if we are selfish. Hell on earth is when we take everything for ourselves; Heaven is when we share and serve one another toward a greater purpose. “ The greatest is he who serves”, said the greatest leader of all time, Jesus and by this principle He walked, spoke and lived. When it comes to career, relationship, leadership, etc. the question is not who is the greatest but who is willing to serve and take the initiative step? As those who are “willing to be last, shall be first”

Written & Copyright by Parsa Peykar

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